How am I notified of an order - vendor and consumer?

As a consumer, you will receive an email with your order and a tracking number for long-distance.

For local, last-mile delivery, you will receive a link that will allow you to track in real time the location of your driver as it picks up your products and delivers to your home.


As a vendor, you will receive an email notification and an SMS notification for any and all persons you want attached to your account.

So if you have 3 beertenders, send us their emails and thier phone numbers and they will all be notified.

There is a fairly cheap idea you can do as well and that is getting a smartphone, set up a phone number and data (cheap), and an email and leave it at your register. This way, anyone working will see an order notification popup via SMS and will also see an email notification. Just a suggestion.

Once you receive an order, simply click the link in either the SMS or the email and it will bring you to your vendor dashboard. You will see all your orders. You can process them there. It's that simple!



How to process an order?

What to do when you get an on-demand order?

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