How does local on-demand delivery on Bevv work?

On-demand delivery is simple and your pickup windows are only within your chosen hours of operation:

  • Vendor is notified via email and SMS
  • Consumer is notified via email and SMS
  • The delivery driver comes to your taproom to pick up the product
  • The consumer is able to track the whole process via their phone or web
  • The driver will come into your taproom like any other customer
  • Vendor hands over the product like a pizza delivery flow

Bevv sends an email and an SMS to the vendor and/or the taproom team. The consumer receives the same.


The consumer gets 3-hour window options for same-day delivery or pre-scheduled delivery (for another day up to 7 days out).

I.e. I would like LSB delivered between 5pm -  pm today or I would like 3 growlers, 2 crowlers, and 5x 4packs delivered next Tuesday between 11am - 2pm.

Delivery windows are based on your hours of operation.


Tracking my on-demand pickup/delivery:


The driver delivers the product and does a thorough identification and visual check:


Self Delivery Options Local On-Demand - Your team delivers!

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