Where do I find my 'Buy Button' and how to add the tech and e-commerce to my website?

Firstly, don't forget to hyperlink your Bevv specific URL into your header i.e. 'Buy Online'


Alt text

You have two options (both customizable by you) for adding a 'Buy Button or Option Display' to your website:

  1. A 'Buy Button' that hyperlinks to your product storefront (Whatever words you type into the box will be displayed on your site)
  2. A 'Product Display' or 'List Widget' showing your products and logos for better product feature on your website landing page (you can choose how many products from your listed products display by choosing the number). Let's say you have 10 SKU and you choose to display 3 products, then 3 of your products will randomly display and each time the page is refreshed or re-entered the 3 products will randomize. You can choose 1 to 10 products to display so test it on your site if you choose the higher number to see how it views as a consumer.
  3. You are provided with your own Bevv URL: Your-Name.Bevv.com. This is for you to hyperlink into your header bar so that it shows on every page. ex. Buy Online and then link that header to your specific URL. You can also share this link via social media, in mailers, etc.

To get to each of your two separate embed codse for your website, follow the 4 easy steps below:

  1. Log in to you your vendor admin panel
  2. Click the Store Settings button on the left-hand side
  3. Click the Widgets button (change the words and hit update and change the number of products and hit update)
  4. Cut and paste


We are happy to assist with integrating into your site so please don't hesitate to contact us.


Examples of all the options for integration can be seen in this walkthrough of Mike Hess Brewing's website:

If you are using Squarespace for your website, please follow the instructions below how to integrate directly into Squarespace:

Follow the instructions above to get your ‘Buy Button’ code
To add it, instead of using the Button option on the Content Blocks palette, click on Embed:

Alt text

This will pop up an Embed prompt along the bottom of the window. Click the code icon on the right side of the input:

Alt text

That will pop up an Embed Data window. Paste the code there.

Alt text

Click Set in the Embed Data window, and then Apply in the previous Embed window. Then click Save on the left-hand side of the dark toolbar along the top. That will complete the process, and the Buy button should be visible and active on your site.

(Note that it may be represented by an "Embedded Scripts" block within the Squarespace edit interface, but the button itself will be visible outside of Squarespace)

Printable PDF Instructions for Squarespace Here

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