Bevv short form FAQ - Most asked questions --- answered.

What is
Bevv allows brewers and niche bottle shops to sell directly to the consumer and lets the brewer have an online beer presence. Bevv helps you reach current and new consumers outside of your distribution channels and your taproom. Think of Bevv as a NEW sales channel alongside your current ones. If you are selling beer/cider/products to-go why wouldn't you use Bevv? It's the same process.

Bevv is not a beer of the month, not a retailer, and not a distributor. Bevv is the technology company that connects buyers and sellers legally in the craft beer and cider space.

Think about your consumers that can't make it into your taproom. Don't let them go elsewhere. We offer you local delivery as well as long-distance carrier - from your taproom to their doorstep.

Does Bevv store product?
No. You, the producer keeps the product until the delivery driver gets to you, regardless of where it's going.

What does Bevv offer for technology?
We offer you a storefront on the Bevv master platform and provide you with a Buy Button on your OWN website. Send your consumers to YOUR website. Market YOUR product. We did this to incentivize vendors to push their consumers to their own websites. The entire transaction occurs on YOUR website while going through our compliance engine. We have built-in safeguards as well to keep buyers and sellers compliant based on zip codes and state regulations. Bevv also provides a second location for ALL your products on the master marketplace Bevv platform as well as a second storefront. Your products will be dispersed throughout the marketplace and will be discoverable via our search bar filter and other ways.

Bevv takes a10% success fee. So if you sell a 4pk for $10 - you get $9 and Bevv gets $1. Credit card processing fees (inevitable) goes to Stripe. Swag is 5% so if you sell a shirt for $10 - you get $9.50 and Bevv gets $0.50.

How is this legal?
For 3 generations you have heard 3-tier. We did our homework on behalf of the brewer so you all could brew the best beer and not worry about the small stuff. We have had Bevv approved by craft beer attorneys, Guilds and ABCs in states in which you can operate.
After you start showing some sales intrastate we will speak with you about interstate (out-of-state). (requires permits just like the wine industry does)

Who does the shipping?
We have partnered with UPS for carrier service and each one of you will get an account through Bevv if you don't have one already. For local, on-demand delivery, we have partnered with two on-demand local delivery companies. Think of it like pizza delivery for your beer, cider, sake, etc. (Not avail everywhere yet.)

Cider, Sake, and Mead?
Great - you can ship to 47 states. We will work with you on getting state direct shipper’s permits and you can start selling.

Label Generation and notifications?
You are emailed and sent an SMS to all people you would like to receive notifications of orders. In the email and SMS, you will be provided a link that brings you to the order. We provide you with the label. All you have to do is pack the product and slap the label on the box.

Packing costs?
If you are shipping outside of your immediate local area, you will need to pack the product. We can get some discounts with Uline. Amazon is a great way if you are Prime Member to find packing products, etc.

We get it. Some products travel better than others. There are solutions. Uline, among other vendors, offers cold-packing inserts approved by the FDA to ship diabetes medications. Does it cost more? Yes. Do you still make money? Yes. Do you reach new imbibers? Yes.

What about licenses and permits?
We will send you a list of the required licenses with links and costs upon registering. All you have to do is click the link and pay the fee to the state. We don't have anything to do with filing permits or collecting permit money. Once you have completed that task and informed us of approval, we will turn on that state for you.

How do I get paid?
During your onboarding process, you set up a Stripe account. You are paid in T+2 days when an order is placed and paid for. The money flows directly into your bank account and there is never any invoicing.

How do I register?

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