How to process an order and generate a label on Bevv?

Please see the linked video below.... (You will be notified of an order via SMS and email.)

Processing order steps are as follows:

  1. Login to your vendor account
  2. Click orders in the upper left
  3. Next to your orders click the R# (i.e. R3245373)
  4. Choose the number of labels needed (please try to keep it to 1 if possible)
  5. Click 'Generate Shipping Labels'
  6. Print and/or download the label(s)
  7. You choose when you want it to go out (you can drop it off at a UPS store)
  8. We can schedule UPS they will come and pick up the product
  9. Or if UPS comes by your taproom often, simply give them the packages




Quick link to 'How to generate a label' only -

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