Is shipping beer expensive? Cost of shipping.

Beer and cider lovers, like ourselves, are often willing to drive hundreds of miles just to try a single glass of a beer or cider. We certainly have. So when we compare that to paying for shipping, we think the price for shipping is not an obstacle but an opportunity.

By making beers available online, we're able to offer you a huge variety of beers that are, in most cases, unavailable for purchase anywhere in your state, neighboring states, or even online. And these beers and ciders are shipped to you directly from the producer so you can rest assured it’s not sitting on a retail shelf for the past 12 months.

We do not mark up any of our shipping costs. You are paying exactly what it is returned by the carriers.

If you want to keep your shipping costs down even further, consider combining your order with a buddy and going 50/50 on the shipping.

Also keep in mind that the more bottles of beer you order, the lower the shipping charge per bottle.

For instance, if you order a single 4 pack of 16-ounce cans you may see a $12 shipping fee. But as you incrementally add additional 4 packs, you will notice each subsequent 4 pack only increases the shipping by $1 or so. This is because the base rate of UPS takes into account pickup, drop-off, signature, and home delivery. So it makes sense to put more products in your cart. Test it out and see for yourself.

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