Shipping labels and label generation - Where and how?

Bevv provides vendors with shipping label links. They can be printed from the link within the email notification of a sale directly. Vendors can also access ALL order history and ALL labels from their dashboard on

To access the vendor dashboard/orders for label generation, follow the instructions below:

• Log in to Bevv vendor access -
• Use your email and password (if you forgot the password) - click 'forgot password'
• Click on 'Orders' in the upper left
• Click on an order (edit button on far right) and print or view your label per order

Reminder - if your products can't fit into 1 box, DO NOT USE THE SAME LABEL MULTIPLE TIMES AS IT IS NOT TRACKABLE. You will be prompted with the number of labels you need (1 new label for each separate box). IF you accidently generate only 1 label and need more than one, simply contact us and we will get you additional labels.


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