What licenses are required to ship beer and cider out of state?

Currently, we are operating under the direct-to-consumer laws. If you are currently selling out of your brewery/cidery/retail ship, most likely you have the proper licenses for your state's direct shippers retail sales (check with your state ABC). Direct shippers permits are required for most states to allow for out out-of-state breweries to ship into their state. The annual fees vary by state along with each state's volume limitations and reporting requirements for such direct shippers.

Beer shipping laws are quite restrictive based on your state. Some states can ship out of state but not within. Others can ship both within and out of state. Some states are only receiving states. While we provide the techologoy for online ordering and shipping capabilities, we cannot provide legal advice and suggest you do your own legal research, speak to lawyers, and contacts you state ABC.

Please find the complete list of UPS Approved Beer Shipper Information here.

If you have information that contradicts any of the above details, please let us know.

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