What's this all about and what next after registration? Registered, now what? What's next?

It's pretty simple actually. During registration, (takes about 3-4 minutes all in), you set up a Stripe payment account so you are paid out instantly per order. Once registered, we set you up with a UPS and on-demand local delivery service on our end (turnaround for everything with UPS the biggest lagger is about 5 days). In that time, we can either help you add products, add your products for you, or show you how to do it yourself. Those products will populate both your e-commerce solution on YOUR website as well as populate your products on our Bevv master marketplace giving your consumers multiple locations to find your prods.

Lastly, we can either show you how to add the e-commerce solution to your website or we are more than happy to integrate it completely for you. Have a look at Mike Hess Brewing in this 2-min e-commerce walkthrough as this gives a pretty good overview of the e-commerce features Bevv offers - https://youtu.be/4VNGPOMPxXw

To register (if you haven't already) - https://bevv.com/onboard

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