Why do I need to add my date of birth (DOB) and first and last name in the billing tab of our account?

Under the billing section (how you get paid) in your vendor account under 'Vendor Profile', please put an employee or owner as the name, date of birth and location that is associated with a driver’s license. This information is required by ALL payment providers for due diligence. Bevv does not use the information that you provide! It is for instantaneous approval of your account by our payment provider, Stripe.

Bevv is the point of contact between payment provider and vendor so don't worry about being inundated with correspondence from our payment provider - Stripe. Bevv will handle all of that. It is simply a matter of onboarding. In summary, put a real first name and real last name and real date of birth of someone directly associated with the company.

The quoted statement below is directly from our payment platform provider:

"Owner information is required not only to verify the identity of the signer but to be in compliance with the Patriot Act. (This Act came into effect after 9/11 with the goal of reducing fraud and money-laundering and requires financial institutions to collect personal information from the entities they do business with.)"

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