Why should I use Bevv and why not do this myself?

Bevv offers the following features as an all-in-one solution...

  1. E-commerce solution for your alcohol products and swag
  2. Local on-demand delivery out 10+ miles from the taproom for most urban/populated areas from the taproom, direct-to-consumer
  3. In-state and out-of-state shipping/delivery (based on states' laws)
  4. Pre-order for future delivery
  5. In-store pickup option
  6. Long-distance carrier service with major logistics partners
  7. We provide a single-page website subdomain for easy selling that includes all products, about you, social links, location, phone, hours of operation, etc. --> See an example here: https://imgur.com/xC1HTGr
  8. Full compliance and cross grid check assuring consumers and vendors are able to transact legally
  9. Full taxation including alcohol tax if applicable
  10. Mix and match products at different prices (if avail in singles, etc.)
  11. API integration with logistics partners for immediate label generation and printing
  12. SMS and email notifications for all orders (no additional hardware required)
  13. Instant payment with no invoicing with Stripe
  14. Minimum order quantity to assure minimum cart size (optional)
  15. Minimum order cart value to assure a minimum cart value (optional)
  16. Beer (product) -of-the-month clubs for vendors to have their own club memberships (coming soon)


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